At Dogtown we love grooming Cockapoos and all the other Doodle mixes that we have chosen to be part of our families.

We are lucky enough to have 2 Cockapoos of our own, they each have different coat types, not that they care, they both roll in mud just the same! The Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Labradoodle and of all the poodle mixes we groom have 4 typical coats. As with all dogs the quality of these can vary due to lifestyle, diet and if the dog has been neutered.

The Flat Coat - looks very similar to the Cocker Spaniel coat and is very low maintenance, it will be low shedding and will not need clipping.

The Straight Coat - has very loose waves and is medium maintenance. It will need regular grooming, clipping 3 to 4 times a year and will be low/medium shedding.

The Wavy Coat – has ringlets and is the most typical Cockapoo coat, this will need regular maintenance. To prevent matting, this coat type will need frequent home brushing, a schedule of Full Grooms (clipping & trimming) with an alternating Bath, Brush & Tidy to help avoid the need for very short clipping. Usually this coat type is none shedding.

The Poodle Coat - has tighter corkscrew curls and is the highest maintenance. 
This coat type will need regular home brushing, schedule of Full Grooms (clipping & trimming) with an alternating Bath, Brush & Tidy. This will be a non-shedding coat.

Regardless of coat type, all Doodle coat types require regular home grooming to support a dogs comfort and maintain the look you want for your dog.

Dogs and families with busy lifestyles usually best suit a Short Lamb cut.

If you want to see what that looks like and the many other options for different looks (head, ears, body, legs & tails) have a look at our Doodle Grooming guide click here. A shorter style makes it easier to live with between regular grooming visits and maybe even a little less mud!

Call us or drop us an email  and we will be happy to discuss your dog, their coat type so we can help get the best routine, care and haircut to match their lifestyle and yours!