Grooming prices may vary according to size and the amount of work involved. 

We all know each and every dog is very different, then each groom request can vary plus then we have to take into consideration coat length, type and condition.

Behaviour is also a factor that can effect the amount of time we need to allow. Some dogs need plenty of breaks, some need 2 people for support & care and some just behave impeccably and give kisses.

Our groom prices are a guide, we can advise over the phone/email but once we get to meet you and your dog in person we can confirm the price before we commence the groom.

ServiceSmall Medium Large XL
Small Medium Large XL
These guide prices will be confirmed on your visit to Dogtown
Full Groom£70£75£100£130
Full Groom
Bath, Brush & Tidy (Short Hair)£35£50£65£80
Bath, Brush & Tidy (Short Hair)
Bath, Brush & Tidy (Long Hair)£55£65£85£110
Bath, Brush & Tidy (Long Hair)
Bath & Brush ONLY£35£45£65£90
Bath & Brush ONLY
Hand Strip£80£90£130£200
Hand Strip
Nail Trimming£12£12£12£12
Nail Trimming
De Matt£25 extra on top of grooming prices (per 30 mins).
De Matt£25 extra on top of grooming prices (per 30 mins).

Dog Hydrotherapy

Dog Hydrotherapy

Dog hydrotherapy uses the natural elements of water, providing a low impact program of treatment.
Dog Physiotherapy

Dog Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and our hands-on approach in the water can also help post-surgery or after injury.
Class 4 Laser

Class 4 Laser

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a top of the range Class 4 laser therapy machine to help your dogs.
Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

We provide daycare for young, old and active dogs and are based in Chiswick & Sheen.
Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

We are London’s premier grooming centre with purpose designed premises in Chiswick & Sheen
Home Exercises

Home Exercises

We provide a series of videos showing exercises for your dog to help with their mobility and rehabilitation.
"Both day care & grooming is amazing - wouldn't be with anyone else" Paula Jenner
"My dog loves going to Dogtown daycare" Hannah Evans
"Always look after my dog brilliantly" Carolyn W
"Highly recommended" Madelaine Taylor
"I was immediately reassured by the lovely attitude of the staff" Laura Kettle
"I've been bringing our dog to Dogtown East Sheen (Daycare) for several years now. Fantastic team and our dog loves her time there!".... Mark Robertson
"Very friendly and professional" Nikita
"The whole team is very nice and knowledgable" Mimi Adam
"Knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to deal with" Sasha M
"I’ve been coming to Dogtown for around a year now, to have hydrotherapy for my dog Pickle The team have always been wonderful & friendly, and there has been a massive improvement"..... Katie Hitchcock