Prices & What's Included

When you drop your pet off we will always agree with you what your pet needs, based on the condition of their coat and then confirm the full price.


Dog Grooming Prices Starting Prices Small Dog Medium Dog Large Dog XL Breed
Full Groom £60 £65 £80 £120
Bath, Brush & Tidy (Short Hair) £35 £45 £50 £65
Bath, Brush & Tidy (Long Hair) £40 £50 £60 £80
Bath & Brush ONLY  £25 £30 £40 £50
Hand Strip £70 £85 £100 £130
Nail Trimming £10 £10 £10 £10


*All of our grooming prices are dependant on your dogs size, coat condition, coat type, and behaviour. 

All prices include VAT:

DeMatt £20 per 30 minutes


The Full Groom:

Our full groom service provides a full styling experience from one of our qualified and experienced dog groomers. The groom will include a pre bath brush, deep clean shampoo and if appropriate conditioning wash, gentle dry, nail clipping. ear cleaned. The groom is then tailored to your requirements and your dog’s needs.

The Brush, Brush and Tidy:

Our BBT groom service is for those who require a little spruce up, our groomers will clear away hair from the dog’s eyes, feet, and sanitary area, (Please note this does not include any length beginning taken off the coat). 

The Hand Strip:

Our hand strip service is specifically for wired haired breeds (such as the Border Terriers) and silky coats (Cocker Spaniels). Hand stripping will remove all the dead wired hair to promote a new healthy coat growth, maintaining the natural texture and weatherproofing. We recommended this being done every 6 months for a full strip to maintain the coat. For some dog's the hand strip doesn’t always suit them or their coat type, our experienced team we advise you pre groom.


Matt's can occur anywhere on the body, but most frequently in high friction areas such as behind the ears, and around the collar area, the armpits, groin or under the tail. These matt's do make the dog feel uncomfortable and therefore can be painful to remove.

If your dog is matted and requires extra time and care to prepare the coat for their groom or they are  extremely matted and will need the coat clipping short, there will be an additional charge on top of your grooming service. We would discuss with you in advance depending on the severity of the coat and on a case-by-case basis. 

On arrival to your appointment our highly experienced groomers will discuss what the best options are for your dog’s needs, we will always get your authoristaion and will never shave a dog without your consent.

We always comply with the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and will not cause pain or suffering to your dog.

Dog Hydrotherapy

Dog Hydrotherapy

Dog hydrotherapy uses the natural elements of water, providing a low impact program of treatment.
Dog Physiotherapy

Dog Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and our hands-on approach in the water can also help post-surgery or after injury.
Pain Clinic

Pain Clinic

Dogtown is able to offer a specific and tailored service in supporting your dog with pain management.
Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

We provide daycare for young, old and active dogs and are based in Chiswick & Sheen.
Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

We are London’s premier grooming centre with purpose designed premises in Chiswick & Sheen
Home Exercises

Home Exercises

We provide a series of videos showing exercises for your dog to help with their mobility and rehabilitation.
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