Our experienced team are able to provide additional electrotherapy methods in conjunction with the other services we offer, it helps get the care to targeted areas on your dog.

Electrotherapy uses a range of methods using electrical energy to reduce pain, improve circulation, repair tissues, strengthen muscles, and promote bone growth, leading to improvements in physical functioning.

There are 3 types we work with

PEMF – Pulse Electromagnetic Field

TENS – Transcutaneous Electro Nerve Stimulating

NEMS – Neuro Electro Muscle Stimulating

We will be able to discuss with you what could work for your dog this all depends on their condition and individual needs when we have our free initial consultation.

What is PMFT

PMFT is a form of inductive therapy that uses the power of a pulsed magnetic field to promote tissue repair and influence cell activity.

How does it work?

PMFT promotes the growth of new cells, therefore, having an influence on a number of areas such as improved wound healing, tendon injuries, nerve growth, bone development, swelling and pain management 

Who is it good for?

It's a great all round care for any dogs suffering with discomfort due to injury or osteoarthritis. 

For post operative care its very useful to help speed the recovery & reduce pain whilst in our older dogs it's helps reduce the swelling caused by arthritis & make the dogs feel more comfortable.

What is TENS?

Stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation

Use of electrical stimulation to to changer the perception of pain by stimulating sensory nerves.

How does it work?

Pain Blocking

The electrical stimulation collides with pain signal form the sensory nerves. this then stops the signals travelling to the brain and results in a reduction of pain.

Raise Endorphins

When the intensity increases the rhythmic pulses under the skin create an increase in endorphins which results in pain relief for several hours after treatment

Who is it good for?

Great for all dogs that are suffering discomfort and pain

Dogs with muscular problems; so when they’ve had surgery and the body is compensating or if they have over worked a group of muscles 

Dogs with OA and struggling with the discomfort and then the associated muscular changes that it brings

What is NMES?

Stands for neuromuscular electrical stimulation

Use of electrical stimulation to recruit muscle fibres by causing a contraction of muscles

How does it work?

Artificial Contraction

The electrical stimulation causes the targeted muscle group to contract and relax, this action action allows the muscle mass to build and reduce atrophy.

Promotes recovery of motor function

It creates a message that allows for nerves to recruit the muscle group in to action therefore prompting the neural pathways to engage. 

Who is it good for?

Great for all dogs that are experiencing neurological problems 

NMES will stimulate the muscles through the nerves for example: the dog with a neurological issue where the leg isn’t being engaged/lifted the electrical stimulation will encourage the nerves to respond and create muscle contraction. 

When cant we use NMES?

When we don’t know the pain source and if the dog is suffering with skin rashes or infections/open wounds.

Also not ideal for pregnant dogs 

TENS is specifically targets the sensory nerves, which are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain. NMES targets the muscle itself, specifically through the motor nerves. This allows the NMES to create a muscle contraction to recruit more muscle fibres when training, warming up or recovering.