5 Of The Most Challenging Breeds To Groom

16th October 2023 by Sarah

As a dog owner, naturally you want your pet to look and feel their best. This is why grooming is such a fundamental part of responsible dog ownership as it ensures your dog stays healthy and happy!

Although it’s always recommended to let a professional take care of your dog’s treatments, some owners prefer to groom their pets themselves. However, when it comes to dog grooming, some breeds can be much more difficult to take care of than others. 

If you own one of these dogs then grooming is best left to the professionals, so here are five of the most challenging breeds to groom. We'll also go over why grooming is essential for every dog and highlight the undeniable benefits of hiring a professional to do the job.

Five Breeds that Keep Us Groomers On Our Toes

Here are five breeds that can be difficult to groom. Although some dog-owners prefer to groom their own pets, if you own any of the following breeds then you're probably best leaving it to the professionals:


With their dense, curly hair, poodles require precise trimming to maintain the signature look and prevent matting. This can pose a challenge even for some inexperienced groomers, so if you want your poodle to look its best then this is one breed that’s better in the hands of the pros!

Doodles (Labradoodles, Goldendoodles etc)

Doodle breeds are a popular choice among dog lovers due to their friendly and affectionate nature. But their wavy or curly coats can pose grooming challenges similar to those of poodles. 

Regular doodle grooming is essential or their fur can become tangled and knotted.

Afghan Hounds

Known for their beauty and luscious, flowing locks, Afghan Hounds are a breed that demands meticulous care. 

Their fine fur can tangle and mat if not tended to regularly, and keeping this long hair in pristine condition requires the correct treatment and expertise.

Irish Wolfhounds

These gentle giants have a thick, wiry coat that can be a tough task to take on. Throw their massive frame into the mix and it’s easy to see why grooming them can be a real struggle.. 

Keeping the Irish wolfhound’s coat healthy and free from tangles is crucial, and grooming this breed also guarantees a good workout for us whenever one of these big softies walks through our door! 


Beloved for their sweet nature and giant size, Newfoundlands have a thick, double coat that requires expert care. These big, water-loving dogs can become a mountain of matted fur if not groomed regularly.


The komondor is a unique breed that’s known for its distinctive cords which form naturally in its coat. 

Grooming this breed is not for the faint-hearted as treating the chords requires specialised knowledge and experience to maintain their unique appearance.

Why Grooming Is Essential For All Dogs

Many believe that grooming is simply about aesthetics, but this is far from the truth. Although keeping your dog trim and tidy is clearly important, grooming is also a fundamental part of maintaining your dog’s health and is known to help them live long lives.

Here are some reasons why grooming is essential for your pooch:

Skin And Coat Health

Matting can lead to skin issues such as irritation, hot spots and even infections due to trapped moisture and reduced air circulation. Regular grooming helps avoid this, while it also aids in distributing natural oils, promoting a healthy and shiny coat.

Parasite Detection

Us professionals often spot parasites like fleas or ticks that may have gone unnoticed at home. Removing these can protect your dog's health.

Ear And Paw Care

Groomers provide essential services like cleaning ears and trimming nails which is crucial for both your dog's comfort and its well-being.


Proper grooming ensures that your dog stays clean and minimises unpleasant odours. This contributes to a more pleasant living environment for you and your furry friend.

Why Professional Grooming Matters

While many dog owners attempt grooming at home, there are a number of reasons why you should always consider allowing a professional to take care of your furry friend – especially if you happen to own one of the breeds mentioned above. These include:


Us groomers are professionally trained and experienced, so your dog will benefit from all our expertise and receive the best possible care. We also know how to handle different breeds and coat types and as we've seen already, some of these can be tricky.

Specialised Tools

We have access to specialised grooming tools and products that cater to the unique needs of your dog. This helps make sure that your pet's grooming session is efficient and effective.


Treatments such as nail trimming and grooming sensitive areas should only be carried out by professionals as they can harm your pet if not done correctly. 

Tailored Care

We can provide personalised care that takes into account the specific needs of your dog's breed and coat type.

Health Checks

During grooming sessions, we can often detect health issues early on. This can quite literally be a lifesaver for your pet as it could potentially save your dog from more significant health problems in the long run.

Time And Stress Savings

Grooming at home can be a time-consuming and often stressful experience for both you and your dog. Moreover, the challenging nature of grooming may mean you put it off, which can result in a range of issues as we’ve already covered.

A professional groomer will help streamline the process, making it efficient and as enjoyable as possible.

Peace Of Mind

As a pet owner, your dog’s wellbeing is one of your main priorities. So knowing your dog is well-groomed and free from all of the issues we’ve gone over in this blog post can provide a tremendous sense of relief.

So those are five of the most challenging dogs to groom. If you own any of these then taking your pooch to a professional is a must. In fact, if you want your dog to stay in the best shape possible then, regardless of the breed, you should always consider taking him or her to a groomer as they’re guaranteed to do a better job.

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