5 Reasons Why You Need To Groom Your Dog In Winter

6th December 2023 by Sarah

Winter is here and as the mercury drops, it’s time to think about your dog's grooming treatments. 

Although many dog owners mistakenly believe that their furry friends' grooming can take a backseat in the winter, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, it’s just as important, if not more important, to keep on top of your pooch’s grooming routine in the colder months.

In this blog post we’ll explain the reasons why it’s imperative to keep your dog in tip-top shape this winter, as well as covering the treatments that are an absolute must during the colder season.

Extra Dirty

In most cases, winter means muddy paws and a soggy coat as our pets stomp their way through snow, slush and anything else nature can throw at them!

Regular dog grooming sessions are a vital step to ridding their coats of dirt, to prevent them becoming smelly and uncomfortable. Brushing out the mud and other debris not only keeps them happier and more comfortable but it also maintains their skin and coat health.

Attention To Paws

If your dog’s been racing around the park in winter, chances are their paws have accumulated all sorts of dirt and debris. If this is allowed to build up then it can start to embed itself into the dog’s nails and if it’s still not treated it could lead to infection.

Another reason winter requires some extra care for nails is dogs tend to be less active, which can result in nails growing longer. If these are left to get out of control then it can start to affect your dog’s ability to walk and even become painful.

Having your dog’s paws and nails tended to regularly helps avoid this unfortunate scenario, ensuring your pet’s free to plough through the snow or slosh around in the mud unimpeded.

Maintain Healthy Coat

While this one may seem paradoxical, a well-groomed coat is crucial for keeping your dog warm during winter. Regular grooming helps to keep the coat healthy, so it forms a protective barrier against the cold. 

Neatly trimming and brushing for a healthier coat helps prevent matting, which allows for the hair’s natural insulation to work effectively, keeping your pet snug and warm despite the low temperatures.

Dry Skin Issues

With its low humidity, like with us humans, the dry winter air can wreak havoc on a dog’s skin, leading to dryness and itchiness

Grooming plays a pivotal role in solving this issue, as regular brushing can stimulate natural oil production, while shampooing and bathing can moisturise their skin and prevent it from becoming dry and irritated. 

If your dog has especially dry skin then you may wish to use some specialist shampoo or conditioner, which should provide extra relief from any uncomfortable skin condition.

Treat Dry/Cracked Nose

Winter can be a perilous time for our nose and lips, and sadly the same goes for our dogs too. The only difference with our pets is they tend to rely on their sense of smell much more than we do, which can be affected if the skin becomes especially affected. 

Although treating the nose may not come under the typical groomer’s remit, this is something you can usually discuss with someone treating your animal. Or alternatively you can try applying a tiny bit of vaseline whenever the skin looks bad. Just be careful not to overdo it as excessive amounts can be dangerous.

So those are the main reasons why you should stay on top of your dog’s grooming in the winter. While some believe these treatments are less necessary in winter, in actuality your pet’s care routine needs to be adhered to year round.

If you want to ensure your pooch is ready for the long nights and worsening weather conditions, get them booked in for their treatments and we’ll get them looking spciak and span!

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Dog Hydrotherapy

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