Cat Grooming

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Cats are known for taking care of their own grooming but sometimes they need a little help and not only do they get used to a little human help with grooming, some actually enjoy it!

Cat Grooming Care In West London ImageMake grooming part of your cat's regular routine, introduce it as early as possible - ideally when your cat is still a kitten. Grooming stimulates circulation, minimizes hairballs in the stomach by removing loose hairs; helps remove knots and tangles that your cat may struggle to remove alone. It also stimulates the glands at the base of the hairs to help produce sebum, which is a natural oil that protects and waterproofs the hair and skin. Hopefully, grooming will also help keep the fur off your sofa.


Cat grooming pricing starts from £50 but when you drop your cat off we will always agree with you what your pet needs (based on the condition of their coat) and then confirm the price.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your cat with grooming.