Therapy Sessions at Dogtown

We have dogs join us for treatment for many reasons with our Therapy team in Chiswick and its our role to make it a postive experience for the dogs and owners alike.

Once we have received the referral and medical history of your dog we can then proceed to plan in the Initial Consultation so we can assess what will work best for your dog.

We will give you a call to plan in a suitable day and time, we offer appointments from Monday to Saturday 9-5 with 2 additional late nights with appointments until 8pm.

Bring with you any special treats they have, particularly if they have any digestive issues. Also any coat or jumper that you have so that your dog can leave here feeling warm and comfortable after the work they have done.

We do stock a range of drying coats by Ruff and Tumble that are superb for after hydro

Initial Consultations take place upstairs in our new consult space, where we can talk with you about your dog, their lifestyle, their condition and what challenges they are currently experiencing. It also gives us a chance to pop your dogs on the scales and see where we are in terms of body condition. At this point we will discuss the route of treatment we are most likely to take whether its pool, underwater treadmill, land based physio or a combination of these.

We then take your dog to our Therapy Centre where we can assess their gait, measure them, help them acclimate to the space and bond with us. From the dogs perspective the most important part of the IC is to make them feel good and want to eagerly return to Dogtown

During this first session we always plan to take some video and show you how comfortable they were in a new environment. Its very successful working with the dogs when the owners are not present; as we are quickly able to bond with them and they can take positive signalling and feedback from the therapists.

At the end of the first session we will give you feedback on how it worked out and how they were and then plan future appointments and a schedule with you. So we can get your dog back to feeling stronger, more confident and much more comfortable.