What It Takes To Be A Good Dog Owner

13th March 2023

When considering having a dog, there is a lot to think about and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dogs need lots of love, attention, and care, so you should only commit yourself if you are confident you can give them this. 

Here are some things you need to be sure you can do before getting a new pet. 


Create a comfortable, safe environment

You are giving a dog a home, so make sure it is a comfortable, safe space for them. They need a cosy bed, which has to be regularly cleaned, so they can rest or sleep in peace. 

It is also important to make sure your home is ‘pet-proof’ by removing toxic foods, and anything that could be dangerous to them, such as hanging cords. 


Health maintenance

Responsible pet owners need to look after the health of their animal. This means keeping them up to date with their vaccinations, getting their teeth checked, and treating them for fleas. 

They need to be taken to the vet if they become sick or injured, so it could be worth having pet health insurance to protect yourself against expensive bills. 


Regular exercise

Dogs need plenty of exercise and shouldn’t be kept in the house all day long. How much running around they need to do will depend on the breed, with retrievers, spaniels and collies needing lots of time outdoors. So, if you are not able to take them outdoors more than once a day, it is best to opt for a breed that doesn’t need to run around as much, such as pugs, French bulldogs, and dachshunds. 



Dogs also require frequent grooming, including a thorough wash every few weeks and a haircut every two to three months. Failing to do this could mean missing health issues, such as cysts or skin conditions, as groomers often spot these. 

What’s more, matted hair could result in skin infections, flea and tick infestations, faeces stuck around the hind end, and even restriction of blood circulation. 


To find out more about cockapoo grooming and how often you should maintain your pet’s fur, give us a call today


Dog Hydrotherapy

Dog Hydrotherapy

Dog hydrotherapy uses the natural elements of water, providing a low impact program of treatment.
Dog Physiotherapy

Dog Physiotherapy

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Class 4 Laser

Class 4 Laser

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired a top of the range Class 4 laser therapy machine to help your dogs.
Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare

We provide daycare for young, old and active dogs and are based in Chiswick & Sheen.
Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

We are London’s premier grooming centre with purpose designed premises in Chiswick & Sheen
Home Exercises

Home Exercises

We provide a series of videos showing exercises for your dog to help with their mobility and rehabilitation.
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