Winter Wash & Go

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Need a break from the mud madness! Fed up with having to wash the dog everytime you come back from a walk, then let us help!

Bath Club In West London ImageUntil the end of March 2018 we are offering a wash and go service for £25 each or 4 for the price of 3! Pay £75 on your first visit and know you can book 3 more washes. When you buy the 4 for 3 package, it makes the price of 4 washes equivilent to £18.75 each!

So what is a wash & go? Well, it's a good shampoo, conditioner if needed, lots of warm water and drying of your dog. Typically it should take about an hour but maybe longer at busy times.

If on the day of your appointment your dog is matted, another wash is probably not going to help, so we will talk to you about grooming options and prices. If you've already paid for the 3 for 4 package, any credit left, can be used against our standrad grooming charges, before 31/03/2018.